Very mild dog food for a sick pet

Very mild dog food for a sick pet

Cream of Rice

 1/2 cup cream of wheat or rice.
Cream of rice, wheat or oatmeal are perfect for calming a thrashed out stomach of your dog. 
When he's been throwing up and can't keep anything down sometimes a little bit of very creamy oatmeal will coat the stomach and give it a chance to heal before you give him a harder diet to digest, such as any kind of meats or stringy vegetables.

Cook the cereal per package instructions and add a little low fat milk until it's creamy and the consistency of thick soup.Instant Cream of Rice for babies can be purchased at any grocery store and you can keep some on hand so that when your allergic dog has an episode, you'll have something that will help him out.
Give a little at a time and see if your dog can keep it down.  When puppies are weaned, this is the first solid food they get. Usually it's baby formula cream of rice.
Our dog will eat this when nothing else works. As they get stronger you can put them on a mild dog food recipe.
As I've stated before, always take your dog to the vet and ask if these recipes are appropriate for your dog.
Some dogs will have underlying conditions and there will be foods that are not only hard on the organs, like the liver and kidneys but can actually harm them.

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