Pre-Natal Care For Puppies

Pre-Natal Care For Puppies

The first thing that you want to do is to record when your dog first becomes pregnant. You can expect for your dog to give birth around two months later, or 60 days. Be sure that you make arrangements to be at home during this, and are prepared for the birth. Avoid giving your dog foods out with a lot of extra calcium while they are pregnant. This is especially true during the last week to two weeks of their pregnancy. Do not give them any type of calcium supplement. They will need some calcium, you just do not want to provide them with too much. While your dog is in labor and after the puppies are born, you may then give them extra calcium.
The first week that you determine that your dog is pregnant, you may have noticed some sort of morning sickness in your dog. They may also act differently. Watch them carefully for infection. You may want to make an appointment with your veterinarian so that they can examine her. Keep feeding your pet good, healthy dog food and provide any additives that you deem necessary. Your dog will still need to get plenty of exercise. Being in good shape will help them during labor and while they are caring for their puppies. You want to be careful about administering any medications. Talk to your vet first to make sure that any medicine that you give them will be safe. If you are worried about worms, again, speak to your vet, because there are medications that can be given even while your dog is pregnant. You will want to avoid giving them anything for insects or fleas and live vaccinations are also off limits.

At about four weeks, you want to start limiting your dog’s heavy exercising or jumping. You may also want to provide them with a multi-vitamin. Ask your vet which ones are best. The next week (week five), you will see your dog starting to gain weight and swell. You will want to give them a little more food then normal. Make sure that all of their meals are healthy and continue with the multi-vitamin. Consider giving them between ½ and 1 egg everyday.
At around six weeks, you will need to set up your dog’s whelping box and area. It needs to be in a place that is quiet. Try to get her to sleep there. The box needs to be big enough so that the dog can comfortably stretch out. They also need to be able to walk out of it and not have to jump in and out.
At around the eighth week, you should be prepared for the pups to be born at any time. The puppies should be visible in the dog’s stomach. By the ninth week, the, dog should have delivered and you should have some brand-new puppies.

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