Is Dog Breeding Right For You

First, you will require multiple investments. The first investment is time. You have to commit to one particular dog breed and this requires a considerable amount of research time. You ideally want to learn as much as possible about the chosen dog. Already knowing the type of dog that you want to breed is a definite advantage. If you aren’t sure of what dog you’d like to breed, it may not be a bad idea to scan the classified ads in your area and see what kind of dogs are being sold and at what price. Browse Internet message board forums to read about the experiences of other dog breeders before becoming a dog breeder yourself. Talk to other breeders to see if they actually like what they do.
The second investment is, of course, money! Ask yourself, how much money you are willing to spend? Everything will affect your checkbook, from the food that you feed your dogs to their housing and medical care. Be sure to consult with your local veterinarian to determine how much you would be spending on vaccinations, preventative techniques like worming, eye exams and a heart evaluation. Ask your veterinarian if they honor any kind of dog health insurance or monthly payment plan whenever unforeseen emergencies creep up.
The third investment is finding a suitable mate for your dog. Becoming a dog breeder requires an honest acknowledgment of faults within your own dog. If your dog has features that don’t meet the breed standard, it’s important to find a mate to improve upon the genetic pedigree of your dog. You also want as much information as possible about the mate’s bloodline, medical history and temperament.
The process of finding a suitable mate for your dog has become much easier since the advent of the Internet. There are many breeding websites that will either put you in touch with local breeders in your area or direct you to others from all over the world. Many long distance folks turn to artificial insemination rather than traveling cross country for their dog’s ideal mate. There are also a number of print magazines on the market, along with dog breeding newsletters and websites, all of which are extremely useful to anyone interested in becoming a dog breeder. Put some time into your search because the dog owner will typically have to pay a stud fee anywhere from $500 to $2,000. Once a contract is signed (and please make sure to put EVERYTHING in writing) and the money is exchanged there is no turning back.
Becoming a dog breeder can undoubtedly be a very rewarding experience, perhaps even lucrative if you play by the book and do everything right.
Scott Jackson has been in the Pet Industry for over ten years. He has managed large Pet Specialty Retail stores and has worked as a distributor rep in the pet industry. He is a pet owner and lover who has extensive knowledge in pet nutrition and care. He runs a website and where he gives information on pet care, location of Colorado independent pet retailers, vets, breeders and a general meeting place for pet lovers.

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