Hypoallergenic Dog food is good for the health

Hypoallergenic Dog food is good for the health

 Hypoallergenic dog food is necessary in commercial dog food and you should check out the contents and ingredients on the bag to make sure there is no wheat or corn. 

You can't trust commercial dog food companies to use hypoallergenic ingredients

They do what's best for their bottom line.  It's a business and they do what's needed for their business to be profitable, not what's best for your dog. 
Dog food companies do just what other companies do and that is sell at the highest price for the lowest cost and allergy free ingredients are usually too expensive for them to make a profit.
The least expensive dog ingredients are used such as wheat, oats, rice (really cheap) and meat that can't be sold anywhere else.  Since this low grade food has to be kept fresh and able to stay on shelves for very long periods of time, additives are mixed into the food to stabilize it and keep it looking fresh and smelling good to not only the dog but to you too.  Dogs can't see color so why is kibble made to look orange, green, brown and yellow? 
Get the picture?  It's made to look like that for you and if you are buying into this then you can be sure  that the company making dog food that looks like Lucky Charms breakfast cereal does not care about your dog, only if you think it's pretty enough to buy.  Disgusting! Canned pet food is just as bad as kibble.  It's got to be kept fresh.  They use to use embalming fluid to preserver pet food.  I don't know if they are still using this preservatives.
Even if the product has hypoallergenic ingredients it can still have and does have preservatives, additives and extra flavors to entice the dog to eat it.

These ingredients are what causes your dog to become sick or allergic.
On a television show they interviewed two families.  One family ate pretty much whatever was handy, pizza, McDonald's and food packaged. 
The other family were considered "green" and ate hypoallergenic  fresh fruits and veggies.  Which one do you think had less toxins in their diets?
Neither.  Both had varying levels from low to high of commercial ingredients that are considered poisons.  Where did these toxins come from?  Did they come from the hypoallergenic foods they were eating?
Although the green family ate fresh veggies etc. they also ate canned beans.  Some cans on market shelves have plastic coatings on the inside.
Scientists and consumer safety groups have found that plastic coatings and non stick cookware can release toxic fumes especially if heated to 500 degrees or higher and should never be heated while empty.
What does that have to do with hypoallergenic dog food?  If you cook for your dog you may be adding toxic chemicals to the food without even knowing it.  Let alone the amount of toxins that are ingested by you every time you use a frying pan or put a plastic container in the freezer.  both freezing temperatures and very high temperatures causes these toxins to be released.

If that wasn't enough, they also found that the "green" family's green beans had toxic levels just from the plastic inside the can and were found in each of the 5 family members.
And there is more.  Toxic chemicals are present in everyday products we use in the home.  Shampoos, detergents, soaps, floor cleaners, plastic plates, cups, cutlery, storage containers and plastic kitchen wrap. 
All of these products when consumed by either ingestion or through our skin accumulates in our bodies and doesn't go away.
My advice for feeding and making hypoallergenic dog food?  Use cast iron cookware.  Yeah, I know.  It's old fashioned and not easy to clean up after meals but isn't it worth it ?

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