How To Find A Reputable Breeder

How To Find A Reputable Breeder

In order to find a reputable breeder, you first need to recognize and familiarize yourself with what a reputable is and what a reputable breeder does. Anyone can take a male and female dog, mate them together, and breed puppies, and a lot of people do actually do this, then they sell the puppies for far more than they may be worth. It is thus important to research and look into all the breeders from whom you are thinking about getting a dog. If it is a truly good breeder with a steady, respectable reputation, then he or she will not mind that you ask questions – in fact, he or she will likely encourage it!
There are some personality traits and practices you need to look for when choosing a good breeder. For starts, the dog breeder you choose should be responsible; he or she should take extremely good care of all of his or her dogs, whether they are part of the breeding stock or the litters. In order to be considered responsible, a dog breeder should provide several things, beginning with satisfactory companionship for his or her dogs. They should not just be baby making machines or dollar signs instead of puppies. A reputable dog breeder loves his or her dogs, and shows them affection, interacts with them, and gives them all the attention they need. A reputable dog breeder pays very close attention to nutrition, providing healthy food and fresh water; he or she will provide sufficient shelter as well, in addition to immunizations, adequate veterinary care, grooming, exercise, and socialization.
A reputable dog breeder should not be some Joe off the street who simply threw two dogs together and had them mate. He or she should belong to some kind of breeding club, whether it is a national club, a local club, or both. Furthermore, he or she should strictly follow the breeding club’s Code of Ethics.

Do not be afraid to examine a potential breeder’s dogs. Examine them and see if they have any congenital problems or conditions, such as hip dysplasia, Von Willebrand’s Disease, retinal dyslasia, et cetera. A reputable dog breeder will always do his or her best to eliminate any genetic problems. He or she will do this by breeding only healthy dogs which have been examined by a vet and are proven not to have any serious physical conditions or behavioral and temperamental problems. He or she will be an expert on their breed, always strive to better the breed, and makes sure that all puppies, sires, and dams have had their shots for distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvo, parainfluenza, corona, and rabies.
Lastly, a truly reputable breeder will be interested in you, the prospective owner. He or she will screen you closely, seek to educate you on the breed and all pertinent information, including the “Puppy Lemon Law,” and will encourage you to spay or neuter the dog if it is to be a pet. In fact, he or she will likely offer a contract for spaying or neutering. A reputable dog breeder will never, ever sell his or her puppies to puppy brokers, pet shops, or kennel clubs.

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