How to Clean Dog Urine

How to Clean Dog Urine

Your dog will be lured back to a spot that smells of urine and feces. So a quick and thorough clean up of any accidents is essential to fast housebreaking. Here are some pointers for how to clean dog urine:
1. Put dogs out frequently, especially puppies.
I know it can be tiresome but you will save yourself a lot of time and effort. Remember, every time the puppy eats, sleeps or plays it’s gonna have to go outside. Also give the dog/puppy lots and lots of praise for doing it’s business where it’s supposed to.
2. Be stern and consistent.
It’s confusing for a dog if it only gets scolded sometimes for peeing on the floor. The lesson will be learned much faster if the pooch is scolded for every mess you find. Just don’t forget to give Poochy some lovin’ after about 15 minutes or so after the scolding.
3. If you can’t be with the dog, keep it on hard floors.
For many people, this means barring the pooch in the kitchen or foyer with a baby gate. Wee-Wee Pads should also be left with the dog. These are small absorbant mats made with an attractant that dogs like to whizz on.

4. Find the dog urine with a black light.
Many pet stores and online vendors carry hand held black lights for just this purpose. Just turn out the lights and systematically search for the bright glow of urine. After all, cleaning dog urine is much harder if you can’t find it.
5. Make a poultice.
For fresh urine: Patience is the key. For carpet with pad under it, it is important to remove the urine from the carpet as well as the pad. If the spot has been wet for more than 10 minutes or so the pad will have been affected too. You will need fresh cool water, thick cotton towels and some sort of weight, 5 to 10 pounds. Weights can be books, boards, steel workout plates, etc.
6. Use the principles of capillary action to remove the urine from the carpet and pad.
If done properly this will always work, it’s physics. Start by placing the a folded towel that is larger than the spot on top of the spot. Place a flat board on top of the towel and place a weight on the board. The board is there to distribute the weight evenly on the towel, if you don’t have a board place just a weight on the towel but make sure that the towel is thick enough that the urine will not wick up into the top of the towel and contact the weight. The towel should remain on the spot for at least 10 minutes. Do not pick the towel up at any time during the process.
7. Pick up the first towel and get a clean one ready.
Fold it the same way as the first. Pour some clean water on the spot, working from the edges of the spot to the center of the spot so that you don’t spread the urine, the water spot will be just a little larger than the urine spot. Allow the water to work it’s way into the carpet. It won’t take long, 30 seconds to a minute. Place a clean folded towel on top of the water spot and put the weight back on top. This time wait at least 30 minutes for the urine to work up into the towel. Do not disturb the towel or the wicking action will be compromised. Lastly repeat this whole process again using 1 part water to 1 part white vinegar and let the towel and weight sit overnight. Pull up in the morning and let dry. There should be no smell when the carpet is dry.
8. Launder the towels well.
Keep old clean towels around the house for this.
9. Hire a professional for any large problem areas.
If you wish to attempt this yourself consider this. The affected area should be small, no more than a foot in diameter. Anything larger and you should hire a professional. It can be expensive so weigh the cost of the service against replacement cost and know that the odor can be dealt with but the stains will be permanent. Also there are several ways to go about doing this. The execution is identical to the first section but the chemistry will be different.
My name is John Krenberg, and I’m a happy owner of a crossed breed Poodle/Terrier. Training him is extremely important to me since I live in a high rise apartment. I read a couple of books about dogs behaving badly, but felt that I needed a step-by-step approach to correct his unpleasant behavior.
I researched the internet and came across SitStayFetch, which I quickly downloaded, printed and read in one evening. Now Sumo, my pup, is doing great! At only 5 months old he sits, lies down, heals, stays, and even comes most of the time. I can not expect too much at his age but he is getting better everyday. I strongly recommend it to every dog owner out there.

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