Help You Dog Deal With Loud Noises

Help You Dog Deal With Loud Noises

For many dogs, thunder and lightning can be incredibly frightening. If ignored, these fears are not likely to improve but only get worst. Therefore, it is important that you acknowledge them and try to help your dog deal with them as best as you can.
Many times, when a dog is frightened by thunder or other loud noises, their first instinct is to run away from it. Sometimes this can be OK. However, other times this can be dangerous. They may run into a car or into another dangerous place. That is where you, as the owner, needs to step in and try to help them deal with their fear in a much more safe manner. You’ll want to pay close attention to your dog and see how they react when loud thunder or other sounds bother them. If they tend to jump into your bed or hide under the porch, make sure that they have access to those places so that they are able to run somewhere safe when they do get scared. Even out when you are t home, encourage them to go to those places, so when you are not there, they know where to go.
Another thing that you can do to help is try to provide a distraction when the loud noises occur. You will want to do this when you first notice your dog is beginning to panic or act distressed. Participate in an activity with them that you know he or she enjoys and that will take their mind off of the loud noises. If they like to play with a ball or if they have a favorite toy, make sure you reward them for interacting with you during this time with either praise or treats.

You also may want to spend time with your dog introducing louder noises. However, do so in a way in which they don’t get frightened. Gradually allow them to get used to loud noises. Now this will not be something that you can do all at once, but if you introduce louder noises a little bit at a time, this may help them not to respond with panic or fear when they hear a loud noise. This is called behavior modification.
If you find hat you are not getting good results with either trying to get your dog used to loud noises, distracting them when thunder or loud noises occur, or by creating a safe place, you may want to meet with your veterinarian and ask if they would consider providing your dog with anti-anxiety medications which you can administer to your dog when the weather is bad outside or when you know you will be in a place where there will be lots of loud noises.
You will want to avoid making being afraid a bad thing. Don’t punish your dog for being scared. This will only make matters worse. Also, do not force your dog to stay in a situation or place where there is a lot of loud noise or they are scared. For example, if you are out with the kids popping firecrackers and this is scares your dog, don’t force them to stick around. Also, avoid forcing them into their crate while they are really afraid because they may panic while inside the crate and harm themselves. You also want to be careful about how you react to your dog when they are scared. If you give them a lot of attention, than they may associate being scared as a behavior that is positive and expect to be rewarded. This will only reinforce behavior that you do not want.

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