Dog Gestation

A female dog goes into heat roughly two times a year. The first time they go into heat is when they are around seven to eight months old. However, small breeds may start sooner than that. You will often be able to tell that your dog is about to go into heat by looking at the vulva. It will swell and there will also be sightings of blood. This period generally lasts anywhere between 6 and 14 days.
It is very important for the owner of the female dog to track when they go into heat. This is for two primary reasons. The owner will either want to try to get their dog to breed around this time or they will need to take action if they are looking to prevent pregnancy. There are pills available that will prevent the female from going into heat. Medication is also available for males who are a little bit too sexually excitable.
If you want to prevent your dog from going into heat, you need to act within one to two weeks before the heating stage starts. After they have started going into heat, contraceptive pills should not be given unless there is a really good reason, although they can still be used. Many of the pills (or injections) will contain megestrol acetate, which will stop them from going into heat. The pill does have some side effects. However, they are pretty minimal. Make sure that you look at the package so that you know what the side effects are. The contraception is usually are given in a form of sugar and dogs easily ingest it without much fuss.

If you find that your dog has already started to go into heat and you want to prevent them from getting pregnant then between the second and third day you will need to administer contraceptives. It is the same thing that is given to prevent heat. The primary difference is that you will be giving it to them in higher doses. You will need to increase the does for three days, give them a normal does for three days then cut the dose in half for the next week. The next time your dog is scheduled to go into heat, make sure that you write it down so that you can give them the contraception early enough. You don’t want to have to wait until they have already began.
Also be sure to watch your dog’s vaginal fluid very closely because there is a risk for an infection of the uterus. You will able to tell in many cases that there is a problem because they will want to drink a lot and also the vaginal fluid will not be clear. You will also notice that your dog is licking herself constantly. If your pet is given a contraceptive during this time, they are more likely to get in infection, and while antibiotics can be used to treat them, they don’t work all of the time and you face the risk of your dog having to have a hysterectomy.

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