Dog food allergies

    Dog food allergies

     Dog food allergies are common but can be controlled with the proper diet

    Do you know what's in dog food? Read the label on a can of dog food. You will be shocked.

    Chemicals are added that are known to cause liver disease Something called "by-products" which translates into any part of an animal ( like intestines and what's in the intestines) that have been rejected for human food. Pentobarbital. What? How does that get into dog food?
    The answer is horrid. Pentobarbital is used to euthanize animals. The implications are shocking. Dead dogs and cats are being processed into dog food. And it gets worse.


    Why should we allow this practice continue? We love our dogs and pay a lot of money on them.
    The dog food and pet industry is huge. Billions of dollars are spent every year on our dogs and cats. Can you imagine what a profit the dog food manufacturing companies are making?
    Don't you just love the ads and commercials for dog food. They expound on the use of "only the best ingredients to make our dog food" and show a picture of a darling puppy? It's an out and out lie! These companies would like you to believe that their sources of ingredients are the same each time they make a batch.
    In fact have any of you ever thought that the ingredients would vary from month to month? But they do.

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