Dog food allergies - What are the symptoms

Dog food allergies - What are the symptoms

What should you feed your pet 

What special needs does your pet need when dealing with an allergy?  Just how do you recognize an allergy when you have no idea what you are looking for?   With my pet, it starts out with him not looking too good, he's off and he doesn't want to play much.  He doesn't bring me the ball or toy.  He looks at his food and just can't seem to eat it.

Sometime he comes up to the bed to sleep with me and be cuddled.  You'll know the signs because his normal behavior will change.  It may be subtle or significant such as vomiting early in the morning a yellow colored bile with an odor.  Or sometimes it's a foamy white vomit.
Your dog could be allergic to these foods:
  • Meat or protein allergy
  • Allergic to eggs
  • Allergic to grains
  • Allergic to certain vegetables
  • Allergies to additives in commercial dog food
  • Wheat (Menu Foods brands using grains from China)

Allergies can cause happy dog to lose interest in life, he will look unwell and have no energy to play.  You might notice that he isn't as hungry as he use to be.  That's when my homemade dog food recipes are helpful.
You will know when it happens.  Think back if he ate something that was different from what he usually eats.  Did visitors come over and someone slip him a piece of human food.  God forbid!  Did you give him some of Kentucky Fried Chicken?  They use chicken with deformed bodies.  Don't give junk food to your dog.
If your dog has dog allergies you could cook for your dog. What have you got to lose? You just might cure your dog. As long as you give him good healthy ingredients with no sugar or trans fats, you dog should improve. Always get your Vet's approval before trying out these recipes.
I have talked extensively to my Vet about dog food allergies. He has always stated it was a food allergy and we have tried many many different commercial dog foods in dry and canned dog food to help him but it remains the same, he kept getting sick and I firmly believe it is the additives in the dog food that are making my dog sickFree dog food recipes made for your dogs from wholesome ingredients that you can make right at home with ingredients you buy at your local grocery store to keep allergies away.
Canine Allergies

Dog food allergies - If commercial pet food is making your pet sick, you might want to try a homemade diet.

We're here to help your dog avoid allergies with home made dog food. Try my recipes and see if your dog doesn't feel better with more bounce and a smile on his face. My hypoallergenic dog food recipes are good for your dog.
It stands to reason that by feeding your dog better quality food it will benefit his entire body.
While I've been looking for quality recipes for allergies, I've noticed that the implementation of these quality foods has the added ability to maintain the bones, hair, tissues of the entire dog's body.
So as I come up with each recipe, I might add a little extra ingredient to it for the health of certain areas of the dogs system.
In this case I want to help my dog with skin allergies and hair growth.
To do this I would add Omega 3 fatty acids.  It not only has the ability to keep my dogs cardiovascular system going strong but it also promotes the growth of the hair, bones and nails.
A healthy diet will take pounds off a fat dog and help him live longer.  I have seen so many pudgy pooches walking down the street obviously tired and out of shape.  Who wants to play when they don't feel good?  No play means no exercise means fat pooch. 
Try to make your own meals for your dog.  If you're super rich have someone do it for you.  There are all sorts of niche companies out there willing to make dinner for your dog.  I say if you can't do it yourself and can afford it, have someone do it for you.  You will feel better and your dog will live longer.  It just makes sense. 
I love my dog and if I have to make some homemade dog food so that he can feel better and live a little longer, then I'm going to do it.

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