Dog Crate Training

Dog Crate Training

Crate training your dog can be very beneficial for him or her, as well as for yourself. It will require you to commit some time and focus as well as energy to successfully do it. However, once you are able to, you will find that a crate gives your dog or puppy a fantastic spot of their own that is warm and welcoming. It also will allow you to protect parts of your home that you don’t want your dog or puppy bothering while you are away. It also gives you a method that is safe to transport your dog while they are in the car. If you are going on vacation, and you want to take your pet, if your dog is crate trained, you can keep them in crate while you’re at someone else’s home or while you are at the hotel.
If you train your dog the correct way, they will be happy to spend time in the crate or at least they will not hate it. Crates come in different types of materials. Some are plastic, others are made from metal. They also vary in size. You will want it to be large enough that your dog has room to lay down, standup and turnaround. You can find a good quality crate at many of your major pet stores.
The amount of time that it will take to crate train your dog will depend on the amount of effort that you commit to it, as well as your dog’s personality and their past experiences. If your dog has been abused, it might take longer. Whether or not your dog has ever been trained before, and your pet’s own personal temperament will also effect how long training will take.

Make sure that you make crate training as pleasant an experience as possible so that your dog doesn’t begin to avoid going into the crate. You want them to see it as a good place. It is important that you take small steps. You don’t want to try to fit in everything at once.
The first thing that you need to do is introduce your puppy or dog to the crate. Place the crate in a part of your home where your family often hangs out. This will allow your dog not to feel isolated. Let him or her be close to the other family members even while in the crate. You can use a towel or an old blanket to line the crate with. Call your dog over to it and show him the crate. Make sure that you are very positive so that he doesn’t see this as any type of punishment. You may also want to place a few treats in the crate or near it so that he wants to come over and be near the crate. If he doesn’t want to go all the way in the crate the first time that’s okay, this is normal and natural, just continue to place sure treats or toys that you know he enjoys inside of the crate. Start introducing meals to your dog while in the crate and then leave them in there for increasing amounts of time until finally they get used to it.

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