DNA Testing To Help Dog Breeds

With DNA testing, it is now possible to test for certain genetic defects and problems. That way, breeders can end the cycle and they will no longer have to take chances which inevitably result in breeding a carrier and making his or her progeny suffer for it. Given that the ultimate goal of the good, responsible dog breeder is to make every litter of puppies better than his or her parents, these DNA techniques give them a much better chance to do this. They will be able to get closer and closer to achieving the Breed Standard, something that it has long been understood could not ever really be reached. Now, it is potentially possible – or at least more possible than it has ever been before.

As well, some dogs possess genetic mutations that cannot be seen or in any way observed. These mutations can be passed on to puppies as well, where they will continue to mutate and get worse and worse. DNA testing can also make it possible to stop breeding dogs like this. They can be spayed or neutered instead, so that the problem stops there. This is vitally important because too many people are far too prone to get rid of dogs which display any abnormalities, health problems, or imperfections. These dogs end up in shelters or on the side of the road. They risk being put to sleep through something that is in no way their fault.
DNA testing may be able to lead to the complete elimination of, for example, the hip problems in large and medium dogs, like Cocker Spaniels, Labradors, and Retrievers. The nervous conditions in many over bred small dogs – poodles are the best example of this – may be able to be phased out, or at least improved upon so the dogs themselves are not miserable and sickly.
The controversy surrounding DNA testing in dog breeds mainly extends to the desire to make a “designer dog” – making faster dogs, stronger dogs; dogs which have short hair, long hair, or curly hair, et cetera. However, in terms of making different dog breeds healthier over all, DNA testing has the potential to be a huge help for dog breeds.

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